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Frequently asked questions
SOCIAL ads management
How do I get started? How does it work?

Super Simple! CONTACT US and a team member will normally respond within 1-2 business days

We professionally set up, custom target, test and manage Instagram, TikTok, Facebook + YouTube Ads on your behalf. Let our campaign specialists do ALL the heavy lifting!

As many Musicians discover, there’s a massive difference in trying to run your own Social Ads vs. having Experienced Marketers effectively plan, execute and optimize them for authentic fan growth 24/7 while you sleep!

No password is required. You can safely provide us with Advertiser access without sharing sensitive information (we send these instructions after your order) and can disable access once the Ad campaigns are completed.
How soon will the ad campaign start after my purchase?
After you've ordered your Social Ads Management package, you’ll receive an email with a link to schedule a 30-minute consultation.

There we will discuss the goals of the campaign & perform an audit of your social media profile(s).

Then we'll pick from existing videos you have and edit/optimize the content to ensure we give the ads the BEST chance of succeeding.

If we don’t feel any of your existing content is fit for effective ads, we'll suggest some simple videos you can record within 1 to 2 days. Afterwards, we choose from the new content to create your ads.

We begin your order within 2 business days of receiving all required details and materials for the campaign. Ads are typically approved within 24 hours of submitting to the platform(s).
Will I gain likes, views, comments, shares and followers from the ad campaign?
It is expected that you will gain a wide variety of new engagement from the campaign, but we cannot guarantee any set numbers as they often vary.

However, we can show you some examples of our work from previous campaigns and do our BEST to get similar or even better results!
How long do you manage the ads for?
As long as the monthly fee is paid, we'll continue to manage your campaign(s). Payment is due every 30 days for continued service. If a payment is missed, we may offer the management spot to another Musician client on the waiting list since we have limited spots each month.
What if I have more questions?
Any further questions or concerns, send us a message here or reach us by phone during business hours - Monday through Friday, 10am to 3pm PST at (213) 800-3730  [ Customer inquiries only ].

Frequently asked questions
Celebrity giveaways
How do I get started?
Super Simple! Contact Us for details on our current Celebrity Giveaways and a member of our team will normally respond within 24 hours. We will confirm your IG handle and keep you updated once your campaign begins. We do not need your password.
How do these Celebrity Giveaway growth campaigns work?
We work with Verified Influencers and Celebrities to host Exclusive Giveaways on their Instagram accounts. In some cases the prize value can exceed $20,000 in any given contest. The Influencer will require anyone entering the giveaway to follow the Sponsors of the contest, which is exactly what YOU will become once your campaign starts. The amount of growth your profile reaches from each campaign is directly tied to the quality of prizes as well as the size of the Influencers' audiences.
Who can participate in the giveaways?
Our Giveaways are Worldwide. As long as you have an Instagram account, you're eligible to participate. 

Entry is Super Easy and Free! All users have to do is follow profiles of the Giveaway Sponsors and all the profiles they're following -- it’s that Simple!

We usually have between 30-50 Sponsors involved per campaign, the industry standard.
Do you guarantee followers?
Yes, our Giveaways can guarantee that you will receive followers, but the amount is not guaranteed. The company provides estimates based on previous campaigns and Instagram data. Plus our follower gain estimates are normally quite accurate. We believe our Giveaway Growth campaigns provide more followers & value than most you'll find online.
Once the campaign has ended, how many followers can I expect to retain?
The typical retention rate from a giveaway is about 80%. There is not an exact percentage since each campaign differs. The content you post plays a big role in this. Our job is to bring the great exposure to your page and though the follower retention on average is at a solid amount, you can increase this by keeping your content quality, valuable and consistent.
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